Pesky Computers! in Stone, Staffordshire
Pesky Computers! in Stone, Staffordshire
Pesky Computers!

Based in

Stone, Staffordshire, UK
and serving the surrounding area

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Pesky Computers! was previously known as nph Digital Services


With the recent publicity (May 2017) about cyber-attacks on the NHS, here are a few tips that will help you to be secure in using your computer or tablet on the Internet :-


  • Be very careful if you click on a link from an email, even if it comes from someone you know. Links can be "disguised" and may not take you to the website that you expected. Here's an example. Click on this link to (don't worry it's not dangerous) and see where it takes you...
  • Be very careful about opening email attachments (again, even if it comes from someone you know).
  • Be very careful about following links from websites and searches. You can end up on sites that are not what they pretend to be.
  • If you get an unsolicited phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft, TalkTalk, Openreach (or whoever) do not under any circumstances allow them to have access to your computer. It is always a scam.
  • Make sure your antivirus and Windows updates are kept up-to-date.


Stay safe.


Some (hopefully!) interesting photographs....


To start with, a photograph of your friendly, local computer chap at Broughton Grange Gardens near Banbury. If you enjoy gardens, Broughton Grange is a hidden gem and well worth a visit.


I helped local author Beti Hand to publish two books - in print form using Amazon Createspace and as ebooks using Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing and I also created the covers. These photographs were taken at The Hayes near Stone at Beti's book launch (which also coincided with her 85th birthday party). Age is no limit!


I also support and help other local authors, including Terry Darlington. Terry kindly signed my copies of his three books, the "Narrow Dog To..." series. Terry's stories of his and Monica's adventures in his narrow boat along the canals of England, France and the USA are international bestsellers.


Local engineer and modelmaker David Hulse is well known for his 1/16th scale models of engines from the Industrial Revolution. He has appeared on several TV programs and had an extensive archive of video tapes which he commissioned me to edit and transfer to DVD. David's models are built using tiny bricks that he manufactures from raw materials. Amazing!


I took the photo of Rod (now Sir Roderick) Stewart when I was on holiday in South Devon in 2009. Rod was staying locally as he had a gig in Plymouth that evening. He and Penny spent the afternoon wandering around Salcombe with their entourage. My photo was published in the local press. Every picture tells a story...


... and finally, photos I've taken of three of my favourite places - sunset at Portreath in Cornwall, Torcross, Slapton Ley & Sands in South Devon and a view of Snowdon, North Wales.

Info & Tips



Make sure you know all your passwords for your online accounts - particularly email. Seems obvious, doesn't it? You'd be surprised how many times I am asked to setup or sort out email problems and people don't know the password. It can usually be reset but it's extra hassle that shouldn't be necessary, made even worse when they can't remember the answers to security questions as well! Your computer or tablet might "remember" passwords for you but you WILL need them one day!

Broadband Speed Check


Broadband speed is a thorny issue. In our area I have come across wide variations, sometimes ridiculously slow. You can click here to download Microsoft's Windows 10 app for measuring your broadband speed. Alternatively there are many websites which offer this facility - is the one I tend to use.

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